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In Las Vegas, NV

Hey, Soul-Centered and Divinely-Driven Entrepreneur!


  • You want to be seen as a leader in your industry.

  • You want to be known as an expert in your field.

  • You want to attract your soul clients and get them booking and buying!



  • Overlooked

  • Underrated

  • Like your work is your industry’s best-kept secret!



  • Building a cookie-cutter website

  • Using photos you took of yourself on your phone

  • Going live on video that completely “un-produced”

BUT,  what if it didn't HAVE TO BE THAT WAY?



  • Your soul clients can feel the impact you make through your words.

  • Your photos tell your soul client everything they need to know about you.

  • You have a video that sells your soul client and they eagerly take the next steps to work with you. 

  • You've got a show-stopping press kit and are landing speaking and media gigs.

… all while setting you apart in your soul client’s mind as the real deal and someone they just NEED to work with!


Well, my Divinely-Driven Entrepreneur… you’re in the right place!


That Soul-Centered business goal of your dreams is 100% possible for you, and I’m here to help you make it a reality.


at Linda's video from our last event


... is my signature 3-Day Event that will teach you how to build your Brand's Authority all in one weekend!!

It's an intimate gathering of just 20 participants, so reserve your space now.

Authority Retreat Banner.png

How it works:

  • You get yourself to the one and only Las Vegas for our event. (Dates To Be Announced)

  • You show up daily from approximately 10am - 6pm ready to be the "Main Character” of your business.

  • We’ve got your drinks and snacks covered, but encourage you to network with other participants, go share a meal with them and enjoy Las Vegas during your breaks. 

We'll cover:

  • Crafting a power-packed Signature Statement that clearly calls to your soul clients.

  • Strategizing your Signature Offer that fly’s off the metaphorical shelf!

  • Choosing and preparing your Expert Topics that turn into attention grabbers.

  • Deciding your Brand Values that create an allie of you to your soul client.

  • Promoting a single Call to Action that gets your email list and booking systems booming!

Brand Authority and Business  Strategy Coaching for your individual business and PR Training.

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An Authority Building Mini-Video Production where we'll film  (an approximately) 90-Second Sizzle Reel.

Read More
Camera on a tripod

An Authority Building Mini-Professional Photo Shoot with All Photos Edited.

Read More
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PR Training and  an Authority Building Digital Press Pack (We’ll use your new Photos and link your Sizzle Reel!)

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What you’ll get shortly after the retreat:

(And this is what it's all about)


“Tana Newberry was incredible to work with! I not only got to take AMAZING photos that I used throughout my entire website, but I had people commenting on how incredible I looked in my website banners, bio page, etc. She’s worked in the film production industry and it shows. Shooting video was not some random thing, my intentions were made crystal clear and we got pure gold super quick and easy… I’m obsessed!!”


Mamma Sunny,

We're meeting in Vegas!

(Where you can enjoy the beautiful desert and fun atmosphere)

Let me just be clear:

This isn’t your average Retreat.


We are still going to going to harness the powerful desert energy that the famous Las Vegas, NV has to offer but, it’s more than just that. It’s about showing up BIG-TIME FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR MISSION TO SERVE YOUR SOUL CLIENTS.


My approach to Building Your Authority all in one weekend is unique.


You don’t have to wait to be seen as a leader in your industry or an expert in your field… and getting there doesn’t have to be hard!


The “Authority Retreat” will allow me to:


  • Make you shine!

  • Set you apart! 

  • And elevate the space you take up in your soul clients' minds!

I shouldn’t have to say this… 

But if you were to attend an exclusive business conference…

Receive personalized branding and business coaching...

Book a professional photo shoot…

And hire a production team to produce and edit a video for you… 

Pay a graphic designer to create an amazing press packet for you...


You could easily be paying thousands and thousands of dollars!

(Trust me I’ve done it. I still do it sometimes!)


That’s why this opportunity is so special.


Your Earlybird Investment of $4,444 means You're In! And we’ll see you in Las Vegas.


(Don’t forget to also book your own hotel and rental car etc.)


This retreat for you if…


  • You’re a Soul-Centered or Divinely-Driven Entrepreneur (of any kind)

  • You are ready for soul clients to see YOU as the best person to help them achieve their goals

  • You’re interested in standing out on your website or the one you’re building

  • You believe in the power of video to deeply resonate with your soul clients

  • You want to learn more bout potential PR opportunities and would be excited to have a professional Press Packet.


… and even if:


  • You’re still figuring out “What to offer your soul clients”

  • You are “Not good at taking Photos”

  • Don’t consider yourself “Good on camera”

  • You’re following is small or you’re “Just starting out”

  • Or even really nervous about “Putting yourself out there"

Hello, officially!

I’m Tana Newberry, a High-Authority in the Spiritual and Business space who helps Soul-Centered or Divinely-Driven Entrepreneurs have all they need to build successful, and profitable businesses.


I’m also a film and photography production major who believes that professional media assets put your best foot forward and solidify your brand authority… (which lets you book more clients.) 


I’m a lot like you. I’m also a Soul-Centered or Divinely-Driven Entrepreneur who has the desire to scale my impact in this world. Before I focused on my Brand Authority, I just wasn't getting the results I wanted in my business. I wasn’t booking enough clients or selling enough of my programs. 


Brand Authority changed the game for me. Using the methods and tools I give in this retreat, gave me the confidence to know how I was different and even better than others in my areas of expertise!


It’s changed the way my soul clients understood me. It’s allowed me to scale my impact and my income. (And if y’all know one thing about me, it’s that.)


I know it can do the same for you.

So what are you waiting for?


P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me 🙃) who just skips to the end of the page, 


Here's a recap… 

The “Authority Retreat” is my signature 3 Day Event that will teach you how to build your Brand Authority all in one weekend!!

It’s a simple, yet powerful accelerated offering that will TRANSFORM Your BRAND AUTHORITY from UNSEEN to UNFORGETTABLE… In One Weekend! 


The Authority Retreat has everything you need to Elevate your Brand


  • Be seen as a leader in your industry.

  • Be known as an expert in your field.

  • And Attract your soul clients and get them booking and buying!

The Pre-Sale Price is $4,444 and here's how it works:

  • You get yourself to the one and only Las Vegas, NV for our event April 5th -7th.

  • You show up daily from approximately 10am - 6pm ready to be the "Main Character” of your business.

  • We encourage you to network with other participants, go share a meal with them and enjoy Vegas during your breaks and evenings.

Join Us, and

Your life can look completely different. You can have the Authoritative, Profitable Brand and Business of your dreams


I am living proof this is possible for you, and I’ll be right beside you every step of the way.


The ball is in your court. Are you ready to change your brand and life?

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