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Hi there,
Tana xoxo

Most days you can find me having fun in the sun or making magic on my giant imac computer.


I am mostly known for my love of cold brew, long-nails and fashion.


People often refer to me as a generous, supportive, fun-loving girl.


I love serving the world by guiding those who are called to serve the world.


The things I am most   passionate   about in life are creating meaningful experiences with my loved ones, personal growth, and sharing what I learn with others.

NOW, HERE'S WHY You're Here

I'm a successful, six-figure International Psychic who mentors driven, action-taking and divinely aligned psychic readers who are serious about building a highly profitable business using the “Money-Making Method” for Psychic Readers.


I am lucky to help get them to the top of their psychic reading game and show them how to knock the whole ‘marketing thing’ out of the park! 

My signature program provides a turn-key solution for everything you need to start making money... Mindset, Skillsets and Systems! 

loving my life!

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When I’m not busy mentoring psychic readers, you can find me at a personal development conference or riding coasters, eating snacks and catching concerts at Disney. 


I'm a techy, creative nerd. I love building websites and graphics. I love editing of all kinds. If you can do it on a computer, I got this! If you ask me to make a vision board... I'll use canva. Sorry, not sorry. 


If you’re dying to hear more...

Here are five things you probably don't know about me.

qualities I admire most in people

the qualities I admire the most in people

kindness, compassion, mastery

my go-to outfit

black jumper with accessories

something on the bucket list

host a retreat in bali

something I can't live without

sunglasses, blazers, my imac

my favorite thing about where I live

disney, the beaches


Now for some love
from my clients

simply sovereign 2-4 copy 13.png
simply sovereign 2-4 copy 17.png

Still here? Let's connect!  ;)

I’ll kick our friendship off with a gift. (I mean, if I was invited to dinner at your house I’d bring something, right?) It’s an incredible 8 minute “Pre Psychic Reading Meditation” and it’s how I prepare for (MY JOB) which is performing powerful psychic readings.


Let me know where to send it, Ok?

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