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Sedona, Arizona
October 18th - 20th


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Welcome to the


Step into the exclusive circle of spiritual entrepreneurs who understand that a commanding online presence is not just beneficial—it is essential. Join us for a transformational three-day experience in the heart of Sedona, where you become the main character of your business.

Elevate your biz with our comprehensive approach to strategic brand enhancement during The Authority Retreat. Each element is designed to significantly boost your visibility and influence in the spiritual marketplace.


Event Details

  • You get yourself to Sedona, Arizona for our main event October 18th-20th. (Event starts a day early and ends a day later for VIP)

  • Make your own personal accommodations and purchase your own meals.

  • Show up daily from 10am - to approximately 6pm at our prime location, ready to be the "Main Character” of your business.

  • Let us handle the rest! 


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Professional Brand Strategy and Coaching

Begin your retreat with a full day dedicated to refining your brand's core message and strategy with Tana, an industry-leading branding expert This session will equip you with the insights and tools necessary to not only compete but lead in your niche.


Scripting Your
Signature Video

Leverage the insights gained from your strategy session to craft a compelling video script that resonates deeply with your target audience. This script will focus on your most vital call to action, ensuring that every word and every frame of your sizzle reel drives conversions and engagement.

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Brand Styling with Professional Photos

Capture the essence of your renewed brand with a mini-professional photo shoot. Each photograph will be a testament to your professional and spiritual journey, edited to perfection, ensuring your online presence commands attention and respect.

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Dynamic Video Production

Bring your scripted message to life in a sizzle reel filmed during the retreat. This professionally produced video will serve as a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy, showcasing your expertise and unique spiritual insights and call your audience into action.


Ongoing Content Creation

Extend the reach of your refreshed brand with two full days in our B-roll studio. Create a year’s worth of dynamic content—reels, stories, gifs, and behind-the-scenes footage—that keeps your audience engaged and draws in new clients continuously.


Networking and Leisure in Sedona

Your growth is accelerated in the studio and nurtured in the serene landscapes of Sedona. Network with peers, share insights over meals, and explore the spiritual magnetism of the surroundings during breaks and evenings. (Not officially hosted by the event)

Pool Beds


For those seeking deeper transformation, our VIP days on October 17th and 21st provide a profound beginning and a serene closure.

Elevate your experience at The Authority Retreat with our exclusive VIP upgrade. This premium option extends your transformative journey with two additional days dedicated to deep personal and professional enrichment.


Begin your adventure with the Sedona experience, a day of spiritual healing and psychic readings to clear your mind and align your spirit before the main event.


After immersing yourself in strategic brand enhancement and content creation, enjoy a luxurious day pass to unwind and sip mimosas with us at a renowned Sedona spa, complete with a one-hour spa service.


The VIP upgrade is designed to provide a holistic experience, ensuring you leave not only with powerful tools for your business but also with renewed energy and clarity. This is your opportunity to maximize the impact of the retreat, indulge in self-care, and network intimately with fellow leaders, setting a strong foundation for your continued success.


About Your Host

I’m Tana Newberry, a High-Authority in the Spiritual and Business space who helps Soul-Centered or Divinely-Driven Entrepreneurs have all they need to build successful, and profitable businesses.


I’m also a film and photography production major who believes that professional media assets put your best foot forward and solidify your brand authority… (which lets you book more clients.) 


I’m a lot like you. I’m also a Soul-Centered or Divinely-Driven Entrepreneur who has the desire to scale my impact in this world. Before I focused on my Brand Authority, I just wasn't getting the results I wanted in my business. I wasn’t booking enough clients or selling enough of my programs. 


Brand Authority changed the game for me. Using the methods and tools I give in this retreat, gave me the confidence to know how I was unique and earn visibility for my expertise!


It’s changed the way my soul clients understood me. It’s allowed me to scale my impact and my income. (And if y’all know one thing about me, it’s that.)


I'm ready to do the same for you.

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Early Bird Registration: $1,111
until August, 1st.

Standard Registration: $2,222
until September, 1st.

Late Registration: $3,333
after September, 1st.

VIP Upgrade
Amplify your experience for an additional $555
until September, 1st.




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