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"How to Give Psychic Readings Like a Pro" (Even if You're Not One)

Hosted by: International Psychic Reader, Tana Newberry 

I'm excited to share this new presentation with you and help you meet your psychic reading potential!


Here's what you need to do next to join me for the training:

Step 1: Check your inbox for your Master Class confirmation email & unique access link from me; Tana Newberry.


If you can’t find the email, then contact and we’ll get you sorted. 

Step 2: Add this event AND your unique link to your calendar with a 30 minute reminder.

Step 3: Show up to the master class 10 minutes early with pen and paper for taking notes. (IMPORTANT: limited spots are available and we're expecting a large turnout so if you don't arrive early you might get shut out.) 

We WILL NOT be sending a replay video. So if you want to join in, you gotta show up! See you at the Master Class.

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