50% of your Personal Session fee or Online Course tuition fee is donated to implementing sustainability in underdeveloped communities around the world through "Me to We.” Your business makes an Impact in 5 Ways...

Education . Health . Water . Food . Opportunity

Transforming lives through sustainable impact.

In Africa, Asia and Latin America, WE Charity partners with communities to implement WE Villages, a holistic, five-pillar international development model designed to achieve sustainable change. Together with local leaders and families, WE transforms lives with solutions that are adaptive, effective and sustained long term by the community itself.


WE Villages is an adaptive international development model built on two decades of working with communities and experts.

Poverty isn’t the result of one single cause. Therefore, our model is neither a single solution nor a handout. Instead, it’s based on five pillars: education, water, health, food and opportunity. Each works in tandem to transform communities. The local staff partner with communities and regional governments to support, teach and empower people to lift themselves out of poverty through these pillars. Their definition of success: impact that lasts for generations.


I’d like to tell you a story. It’s about WHY I do what I do, and why I’ve chosen to dedicate my business to #SpiritCause.

When I was 20, I was living the darkest time of my life. A few years earlier, a series of events lead me down a dangerous path. I wanted to escape from life and the hurt I was feeling. Someone offered me a drug for the first time, and I became addicted. I had my near-death experience at the age of 20. I became, what most would understand as, instantly psychic. I believe it was the result of Spirit saving my life. Not only did Spirit save me, but it changed me forever.

After that, the direct connection to Spirit was so strong that it could not help but heal. I got the help I needed and began to start a new life. Once I realized that my gift could be used to help people, I focused on that. I built my business so I could dedicate my life to helping people.

I started sharing with people that, not only was heaven real, but that Spirit was communicating with each of us. It did so in every second of everyday. All I, or anyone else had to do was listen. I personally had the made it a point to do just that. I've dedicated my life to it.


After 15 years in my practice, I started to soul search.

I was still dedicated to helping those on a spiritual path. However, I started to ask myself, knowing I was given a second chance at life, 'Was I doing it justice?" “What kind of impact was I making on everyone else?” “Can I only help in THIS way?” Just then I had one of the most touching conversations with my mother, my personal Angel. My mother talked to me about the charities she'd been involved with. We talked about love and kindness. We talked about the struggles around the world. We talked about how, in some places, people struggled to have access to health, food and even water. My heart started to pull until the call was undeniable. "YES! This is it."

Then Spirit gave me this vision...

I saw myself in a third world country, sitting next you a young boy with different colored skin, no shoes and a dirty clothing. I felt so connected to him. I could literally see him! I looked down to find a loaf of bread in my hand. I split it in half and gave the other part to him. We both smiled at each other. That moment seemed so precious. I knew what Spirit was telling me... That was to be the movement! Now I had to be brave enough to dedicate my life to it.

Every time I told someone I wanted to give give half my profits to charity, they shared their concerns. They all said, "Do 10 percent, or if you really want to, do 15 percent." But, I couldn’t get the boy out of my head. I had to do it for him. I had to do it for everyone else like him. I committed and went all in. Thus, #SpiritCause was born.

The reason I wanted to share my story with you is because I want you to know my WHY. I also want you to know that when you do business with me, you’re breaking bread with the little boy too. And, Me to We does so much more than that! As you see, I’m helping purposeful spiritual seekers find truth, develop their abilities... All while making an impact on the world. Let’s help humanity together. Thanks for reading.


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