Welcome to the “Life on Purpose" Online Psychic Self-Discovery Course to Intuitively Unlock & Live Out Your Soul's Calling, Already!

This is something that I’ve literally died and came back life to discover... After my near-death experience and the sudden development of my psychic and intuitive abilities, I set out on a course that would lead me right into my Life Purpose.


This Course Features 6 Modules with 6 Lessons Each. The Modules are Titled...


"Grant Yourself Permission"


"Have Breakthrough Discoveries"


"Get Really Clear"


"Receive Intuitive Insight"


"Achieve True Confidence"


"Get Ready to Up-Level!"

If you’re someone who has struggled to know why you chose to live this life or what you’re here on earth to do…. OR Maybe you might even be doing ok but feel like there is so much more for you…. Then this may be the most intentional move you make, ever. HERE'S WHY:

What if I were to tell you that I truly believe there is a way for you to finally know, trust and fulfill your Life Purpose… No matter what your age or however much insight you still think you need. Plus to remove all those stumbling blocks that have stopped you from doing this until now. I’m talking about an easy and effective, step-by-step approach matched with a laser focus on your intuition. The same approach that I used to discover, trust and transform with my very own Life Purpose... Just as importantly, I’ve answered these questions literally thousands of times while performing psychic readings for seekers just like you.

I'm Tana Newberry.


Hey, my name is Tana Newberry and I’m a Psychic Reader. I've performed over 10,000 Psychic Reading sessions and have taught Psychic Development for 15 years.


There’s nothing more true to me that Spirit can and will guide us to happiness, joy and fulfillment. Like I said, Spirit saved my life and changed it forever. I'm now forever dedicated to sharing it.


… And ever since I recognized this, I’ve been able to build a life teaching others how easy it can be to receive this guidance... Then, apply it and transform their lives. 


Don’t care about my fancy website. Don’t care that I’ve been on over 500 radio shows. Don’t care that I’m a published author. Seriously, don’t. Care that I have worked this process thousands of times with students and clients… not to mention in my own life, and it works!

The Benefits of This Process

So many of you deeply care about the prospect of living your Life Purpose but you get hung up on the ideas that:


  • You’ll always battle financial concerns
  • Maybe you just don’t have what it takes
  • You won’t have the support of family or loved ones
  • You shouldn't risk giving up what’s ‘good enough’ 
  • It will be a struggle to accomplish your dream
  • Others won’t find any worth in your work


All while really just wanting to create a lifestyle for yourself and my family that you love. 

Have you ever woken up in the morning when it was time to get ready for work or your day and thought...

“Wow, I thought my life would’ve felt further by now?” “I thought I’d be engaging in something that was of more value to me.” “I thought I’d have more time with my family” “I thought I’d already be doing something that changes the world by now.”

The more I looked at how my clients and I were finding success, it hit me....


What most people were trying to do in their quest was look “outside” of them for their answers. What WE were doing was approaching their Life Purpose in an entirely different way. We were holding space for you to go inward to find your answers...

And it was a job perfectly fit for using your intuition.

Then, I realized (more than giving you a psychic reading) I should be focusing my time on facilitating the perfect process for you to do just that.

If you’re reading this now, you probably want more out of your life... You know where you are and probably where you want to be... BUT Do You Know How To Get There?

You Got This! HOW?

Well, I put together a clear roadmap to follow step by step, which will help you build momentum. It’s simplified and it’s super effective.


The truth is, there is A LOT to discover…. Especially when it comes to, not only knowing your Life Purpose, but also how to transform your life with it.

WOW. It’s kinda overwhelming right?!!! I get it. But, you are the authority on you. That’s why your intuition is the key to unlock the mystery. Even if it feels like a puzzle you’re going to have to put together...

INTRODUCING “Life on Purpose" Intuitively Unlock & Live Out Your Soul's Calling, Already!

- A Psychic Self-Discovery Online Course - Your solution for discovering your Life Purpose the Intuitive Way. It’s a process to help you discover how to get clear, get confident, and live your life purpose, finally!!!

Since you’ve already started your journey by reading this right now... I’m pretty confident you’re resonating with the idea of finally knowing, trusting and fulfilling your Life Purpose. Because of that, I want to invite you signup for the course during the enrollment period - which is happening now!

Here’s How It Works

We are going to start by giving you permission to even think about your Life Purpose and examine your god-given hopes and dreams. We are going to give that little girl inside of you back her idea of what she wanted to be when she grew up. We are going to give you the gift of space to even consider fleshing out your life purpose, all the way into implementing the steps to transitioning into it. What I’m gonna do is give you a process to connect with YOURSELF about your Life Purpose and the intuitive knowledge of how to obtain it. We will work with your Higher-Self, your Future-Self and even Spirit Guides assigned to your very own life and purpose.

We are going to put an END to:

  • Feeling unhappy with life, your job or how you’re showing up in the world
  • Thinking that you’ve wasting your life and you’re already halfway through it 
  • A lack of personal meaning behind the tasks that make up your everyday life
  • Being completely detached to any of your dreams or desires
  • Feeling apathetic about how your time is spent, not necessarily inspired or fulfilled
  • A lack of enthusiasm or severe shortage of things that feel like a “HELL YES”



Here's what it will do for you:

THIS is going to make you excited to get up every morning. THIS will get you looking forward to all the things you’ll encounter in your day. THIS might get you influencing and impacting the world with your mission. THIS will align you with what makes you strong and genuine. THIS will win you integrity with the things you care about. THIS will have you feeling more alive. 

You’ll experience joy so often that it will be the new frequency of your whole da*m life.

Your life will no longer feel like “work”... And looking back at a life you’ll feel proud of it!

The Features of This Course

Your 6 Weekly Modules will consist of 6 simple lessons each. Here’s the focus!


Week One: Granting Yourself Permission

Week Two: Breakthrough Discovery

Week Three: Obtaining Clarity

Week Four: Receiving Insight

Week Five: Getting Confident

Week Six: Ready for Transformation


Each weekly module includes: (to name a few)

  • Morning Meditations to complete that week

  • Bedtime Affirmations to incorporate that week

  • A focused Intuitive / Psychic process 

  • A downloadable workbook / journal template for homework

Here’s Why I Made This Course

Because… In all my years of performing psychic readings, one of the questions that gets asked of me above all others is... “How do I find and live my Life Purpose

Getting up everyday and doing something I know I was put on the earth to do = EVERYTHING. I literally love my life and I want you to love yours too. Like truly love it, day to day, hour to hour. I want everyone to love their life, everyone deserves to love their life, and I believe it. Is. possible.

It’s an important question. Spirit gives answers to it, all the time… But, no matter how many times I do a reading for someone about Life purpose… it’s never going to be as successful as the intuitive process I will lead you through in this course.

Here’s Why It’s Safe and Smart to Invest In Yourself

Not only have I lived the process for myself, but I’m 100% certain that EVERYONE has a purpose!

For even more clarity and momentum, you can keep repeating the course over and over. (I work my process ALL THE TIME)

And if you feel like this course offered no clarity or value: I have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

So, what are you waiting for?

Here’s Who This Course Is Not For

This course is not for people who don’t believe in themselves having a Life Purpose

It IS great though for Life Purpose seekers.

It’s also wonderful for those who already feel 100% satisfied and aligned with everything they do… But they want to dive deeper!

Finally and most importantly.... you must now be ready to take your feelings of joy and fulfillment to the next level - and know that your life is not only meant to be more but that it can be more - by working an intuitive process.

You need to know that you DESERVE to enroll in this course! You need to know that your Life Purpose is probably the most important thing that you could focus on in your entire life.

You need to be “willing to be willing” to consider that your life purpose is completely possible and attainable.

"Psychic Reading Shortcuts have changed my whole perspective of how best to connect with and serve my friends and family. People keep saying I should do this for a living! After learning these techniques, I volunteered at an event doing psychic readings and then... they offered me a regular gig! They said I was that good. I'm positive it was because of this course. Thanks Tana!"


"There is no doubt in my mind that my confidence level, when making a future prediction, far surpasses most professional psychic readers I've met. They should have taken Tana's course."


"I've been practicing psychic readings for a long time but never felt like I could answer mediumship questions. I've always really wished I could. This course was all it took to break through the 'mediumship fog'. Now, I find myself enjoying mediumship readings the best."


ALSO, There’s A Pre-Enrollment Bonus! Join me (Tana) for a LIVE Q & A Session and ask your questions. YESSS!! I’ll be doing min-readings here too!! Although those who purchase the course later may end up seeing the video, YOU’LL be ATTENDING.


Who doesn't love to celebrate the start of a journey with some fresh, crisp, new Oracle Cards. I'm cleaning out my closet stash and I've got some of my decks with your name on them!











Here's Why You Should Act Now...

It's OK to admit it, YOU DO DESERVE THIS! And, I love you XOXO




Question #1: What stage of recognizing my life purpose should I be in? 

It literally doesn’t matter. You could be someone that has a sense of what your Life Purpose is but need clarity and confidence. You could also be someone that never was clear, but wants to begin your journey of intuitive self-discovery.


Question #2: Does it have to be a job or something I make money with, or can my life purpose be something else?

Absolutely it can be something else. Some people could be looking at what career goals they came to this life with while others will be connected to acts of service or volunteering or influencing family & friends. Also, some will find that they have a few different purposes in possibly each of these areas


Question #3: How long will the course take? 

Six weeks from start to finish if you work the lessons when they are made available (once a week at the same time). However, you can pace yourself in your studies and there’s no pressure. If it feels right to go slow, go slow. If it feels right to go swiftly, go swiftly. This course is immersive, meaning that there is a lesson plan but also morning and evening routines that will align you with the whole vibe of discovering and knowing your life purpose.


Question #4 Does it matter how old I am or what stage of life I’m in? 

It is literally never too early or too late to find and live your Life Purpose. The only downside would be if you wasted the opportunity over your whole life, never finding it and living the reason you’re on the planet. All seekers are welcome.


Question #5: Do I need to do anything to prepare? 

I go through a prep process with you at the beginning. So just come with your willingness to participate and discover! Recommend having a favorite oracle deck handy to enjoy a bonus activity.


Question #6: I want to live my life purpose but can’t afford to quit my job. Will this course help me figure out how to do so? 

While each circumstance is different and no technical training is provided for career transitions (as everyone will be on a different path)... The answer is basically YES! Some of the most useful guidance that will come out of this course will likely be your clarity on the exact steps of how to do so.


Question #7: How long is this opportunity available for? 

The course price will go up on the day the pre-registration ends and the course is released.


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