Welcome to the “License to Do What You Want" Online Psychic Self-Discovery Course. A Surprisingly Intuitive Method for Doing ONLY What Feels Good!

THEM: “...Tana, do you ever do anything you don’t want to do?”
ME: “... Well. No.”
THEM: “Why?”
ME: … “Because if it doesn't feel good, I'm unavailable for it. I’m the Boss of my life and I can experience joy on my own da*n terms. (wink)”


This Course Features 6 Modules with 6 Lessons Each. The Modules are Titled...

License to Do What You Want

"With Your Money"

License to Do What You Want

"In Love and Relationships"

License to Do What You Want

"For Work"

License to Do What You Want

It's Your Body

License to Do What You Want

"With Your Time"

License to Do What You Want

"It's Your Spiritual Practice"

So many people suffer and struggle unnecessarily, disconnected from themselves, their intuitive guidance and the benefit of listening to it. However, I want you to know, feel, and learn just how to REALLY live your life with as much Pleasure, Joy and Enthusiasm as I do! Why am I so happy all the time? MY SECRET: I do what I want, when I want… and it all feels really friggin good.

At first glance you might think it only means instant gratification. But, it’s NOT about instant gratification. It’s about true alignment with what you do, every minute of every day and living your best, most energized life. It’s centered on determining what makes you feel yummy and everything unfolding from that energetic space.

YES and NO are the most important decisions you ever make. Here’s Why...

When we say YES to things that are NOT connected to what feels good for us, we are living a life that literally feels icky. Sometimes we can’t identify what the problem is, but overall it just feels like we’re not happy. So often still, people do what they think they are supposed to do rather than what actually feels “right” for them. 


When you discover what TRULY pleasures you and make yourself ONLY available for those experiences, your whole vibe changes! When you teach others you’ll kindly pass on opportunities that DON’T feel pleasurable to you, you start to realize that you can live your whole damn life where everything you do is an extension of what DOES.

I'm Tana Newberry.

Hey, my name is Tana Newberry and I’m a Psychic Reader. I've performed over 10,000 Psychic Reading sessions and have taught Psychic Development for 15 years. There’s nothing more true to me that Spirit can and will guide us to happiness, joy and fulfillment.


The more I looked at how my life was different from others, it hit me.


My near-death experience changed the way I looked at the value of a day… a week… a month… a year… a life. MY life!


What if I were to tell you that I truly believe there is a way for you to finally DO WHAT YOU WANT and ONLY what you want?

No matter what your life currently entails? Plus we can drop your struggling mindset that it’s selfish and is NOT of high service.

What most people do is live like they have time to experience joy LATER… EVENTUALLY.

What I WAS doing was approaching my life in an entirely different way. I was holding space for my intuition to tell me what felt good and right to me TODAY! Then, I realized I should be sharing what I found - not just with my reading clients, but for anyone who would listen… And that I could facilitate the perfect process for you to do just that.

That’s right, I said it. (Write this down) YOUR PLEASURE IS OF HIGH SERVICE TO THE WHOLE D*MN WORLD.

That includes your partner, your family, your friends and anyone else!

Sound rad? I’ve got a Life Changing thing for you.


I’m talking about an easy and effective, step-by-step approach matched with a laser focus on your intuition. The same approach that I used to discover, trust and choose to create and allow what’s aligned with me... Just as importantly, I’ve channeled this process literally thousands of times while performing psychic readings for deserving seekers just like you.

DOING WHAT YOU WANT IS A HIGHLY SPIRITUAL ACT and it’s good for everybody!

… And ever since I recognized this, I’ve been able to build a life of showing others how easy it is to actually ALLOW happiness to come into their life... Then, apply it and transform their lives.

Here’s the Thing...

I’ll go into this more in the course, but you NEED to know that your body and heart are hurting. Every time you choose an act OUT of alignment, you suffer more. And doing what’s IN alignment doesn’t mean you're just drawn to the quickest or easiest solutions. Sometimes what feels good is also difficult. Sometimes what feels good is a lot of work. I don’t shy away from either. WHY? It’s because the end result will bring me pleasure… and it’s aligned with my intuitive guidance which navigates all of us towards fulfillment and happiness. And it works!

The Benefits of This Process

We’re giving you permission and helping you become proficient at determining what you truly want and how you can live your life experiencing pleasure and joy in every single thing you do. Basically we may be rewriting the entire philosophy of how you live your life. With help from this course, you will:

  • Change your ideas around how pleasure is selfish
  • Give yourself permission to identify what really feels good and what doesn’t
  • Intuitively listen to your body and heart to know what they want
  • Know how to advocate for yourself without feeling guilt or shame
  • Cultivate awareness of your boundaries with those around you
  • Win enthusiasm and feel alignment with everything that you are and choose to take on
  • Stack these moments of joy and enthusiasm to create an entire life that feels hella good


The key to this course is, once given permission to even discover what feels good, we prepare to release what doesn’t feel good. We set up a new system for living life and ultimately experience ecstatic joy through doing ONLY what feels REALLY good. 


The truth is...

The person that can make you feel the best and bring the most pleasure, fulfillment and joy is YOU. So, that is why you gotta take care of you.

If you’re reading this now, you probably struggle to experience that FEEL GOOD as much as you want ... You know where you’re not as happy as you want... BUT Do You Know How To Get There?

I won't provide you answers... THE ANSWERS ARE IN YOUR INTUITION.


It’s living and breathing for me everyday IN everything I do. Let me help you. Just being in the vibe changes you. The soul food that is this course and magically transformative, even before you make new kinds of decisions.


You are the authority on you. That’s why your intuition is the key here and will show you the way. I’ll facilitate the process and you won’t be let down.



Well, I put together a clear process for you to follow step by step. It’s simplified and it’s super effective.

INTRODUCING “License to Do What You Want" Online Psychic Self-Discovery Course

A Surprisingly Intuitive Method for Doing ONLY What Feels Good!

Since you’ve already started your journey by reading this right now... I’m pretty confident you’re resonating with the idea of feeling pleasure as a result of doing ONLY what you ACTUALLY, REALLY, TRULY want. Because of that, I want to invite you to sign up for the course during the current open enrollment period. 


After the enrollment period, course registration will be closed.

We are going to put an END to:

  • Feeling over committed doing things you don't want to do
  • Feeling lack luster about the things you're doing right now
  • A lack feeling a personal reward in the tasks that make up your everyday life
  • Being completely detached to your appetites and passions
  • Feeling apathetic about how your time is spent
  • Compromising your boundaries for the sake of others or unaligned obligations


Here's what it will do for you:

THIS will help you know when to say yes or no. THIS will help you be aligned with literally every moment of your entire day. THIS will drop your struggle of doing things that don’t really reward. THIS will give you clarity on the life you’re capable of creating. THIS will help you see how once you change your mind, you can change your whole life (and it’s not even as hard as you thought). THIS will have you training others how to treat you, respect you, and how to value your boundaries.

You’ll change the entire way you listen to your intuitive guidance, allow joy to show up for you, and FEEL GOOD about it all!

Here’s How It Works

We are going to start by really unwrapping how your JOY and PLEASURE is ofHIGH SERVICE and how choosing it is a HIGHLY SPIRITUAL ACT. Then, we'll INTUITIVELY examine the different areas of your life to discover what your intuition is telling you about them. We are going to wake up that part of you that feels sooo good. You'll know how to proceed in your life and have a framework for choosing YES or NO in the future. What I’m gonna do is give you a process to connect with YOURSELF about your desires and the intuitive knowledge of how to obtain it. We will work with your Higher-Self, your Future-Self and even Spirit Guides assigned to help you discover more pleasure in life. We’re giving you PERMISSION and helping you become proficient at determining what you truly want. You can live your life experiencing pleasure and joy in EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DO. Basically we may be rewriting the entire philosophy of how you live your life.

The Features of This Course

Your 6 Weekly Modules will consist of 6 simple lessons each. Here’s the focus!


"License to Do What You Want..."

Week One: With Your Money

Week Two: In Love and Relationships

Week Three: For Work

Week Four: It's Your Body

Week Five: With Your Time

Week Six: It's Your Spiritual Practice


Each weekly module includes: (to name a few)

  • Morning Meditations to complete that week

  • Bedtime Affirmations to incorporate that week

  • A focused Intuitive / Psychic process 

  • A downloadable workbook / journal template for homework

Here’s Why I Made This Course


Sometimes I see people saying yes to something that doesn’t feel good to them and regretting it later. They struggle to follow through or literally desire to make excuses for not fulfilling the obligation. Does this sound like you all too often?


I’ve created this course because… I HAVE SOMETHING, that when I look around, I notice others don’t always have it. That something is the permission to intuitively know exactly what feels good and the ability to say yes or no based on what is aligned with me. 


I literally ONLY SAY YES to the things I want to. EVERYTHING I do is an extension of my body and soul feeling good. My life is lived this way. 


This is looking at your things while being tuned into your intuition. This is about honoring and adjusting your availability based on what it says.

Here’s Why It’s Safe and Smart to Invest In Yourself

Not only do I live this method myself, but I’m 100% certain that YOU CAN EXPERIENCE JOY, FULFILLMENT AND SATISFACTION IF YOU DO TOO!

For even more clarity and momentum, you can keep repeating the course over and over. (I work my process ALL THE TIME)

And if you feel like this course offered no clarity or value: I have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

So, what are you waiting for?

Here’s Who This Course Is Not For

This course is not for people who AREN'T willing to consider that their personal pleasure is a highly spiritual act adding to the greater good of the entire world.


This course is not for those who DON’T honor or want to engage in the intuitive process or believe that your body and soul aren’t communicating anything of value to you.


It’s not for people that DON’T believe that the intuitive wisdom available to you WANTS you to know pleasure.


If you DON’T believe that saying yes to you and what feels good is not of HIGH SERVICE in the world and for yourself - this is not a match for you.


In order for me to help you, you MUST believe that your intuition is completely capable of helping you achieve a life you'd say “hell yes” to.


You MUST be open to the intuitive process, and you have to be ready to actually dive deep into your intuition. (Think… if I only knew how to change it, I would.)


Finally and most importantly, you MUST be ready to take your joy to the next level and know you can live a life that is unapologetically YOURS and what feels good to YOU!

You will also be invited to join a private facebook group where we will all work through the magic, share our experiences, have an open forum for questions, support, and check-ins from yours truly to make sure you are getting the most out of the course you possibly can.
Come be a part of the tribe!

"Psychic Reading Shortcuts have changed my whole perspective of how best to connect with and serve my friends and family. People keep saying I should do this for a living! After learning these techniques, I volunteered at an event doing psychic readings and then... they offered me a regular gig! They said I was that good. I'm positive it was because of this course. Thanks Tana!"


"There is no doubt in my mind that my confidence level, when making a future prediction, far surpasses most professional psychic readers I've met. They should have taken Tana's course."


"I've been practicing psychic readings for a long time but never felt like I could answer mediumship questions. I've always really wished I could. This course was all it took to break through the 'mediumship fog'. Now, I find myself enjoying mediumship readings the best."



Here’s Why You Should To Act Now...

It's OK to admit it, YOU DO DESERVE THIS! And, I love you XOXO





Question #1: I feel selfish thinking about my needs. Am I ready for this?  

OMG you’re SO ready for this. Your desires create the stage where everyone around you can up-level too.


Question #2: Are we going to talk about careers or life purpose?

While you will get a chance to intuitively examine how your work is making you feel, the “Life on Purpose" Online Psychic Self-Discovery Course to Intuitively Unlock & Live Out Your Soul's Calling will dedicate it’s entire time expanding on what we do here. This course is not prerequisite, but would work greatly hand in hand.


Question #3: How long will the course take? 

Six weeks from start to finish if you work the lessons when they are made available (once a week at the same time). However, you can pace yourself in your studies and there’s no pressure. If it feels right to go slow, go slow. If it feels right to go swiftly, go swiftly. This course is immersive, meaning that there is a lesson plan but also morning and evening routines that will align you with the whole vibe of discovering and honoring what feels good to you.


Question #4 Is the love and relationship section focused on a romantic partner?

It can be, but it doesn't have to be. I’ll be facilitating a process that will be appropriate for examining all of your important relationships.


Question #5: Do I need to do anything to prepare? 

I go through a prep process with you at the beginning. So just come with your willingness to participate and discover! Recommend having a favorite oracle deck handy to enjoy a bonus activity.


Question #6: Are you going to tell me to change my whole life? 

LOL, potentially? Actually YOU are doing the discovery, receiving the epiphanies and uncovering how your life should proceed. You don’t have to do anything that doesn’t feel good overall. That’s the point!


Question #7: How long is this opportunity available for? 

Registration opens on May 8, 2021 only open for a short time. Your course starts after you register or you can follow along with the group.


Course registration opens May 8, 2021 and is open for just a short time. Enrollment will not open again until later this year.


Once I close enrollment, we will start working through the magic together!


Don't want to do it together? That's ok too. You are welcome to work with the group or on your own. DO WHAT YOU WANT!

Register during the short enrollment period now!

$399 Gets you ALL the content, the bonuses and lifetime access with all future updates. Welcome to course!


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