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Follow Your Feel Good

Have you ever struggled with the clarity and strength in conviction to choose commitments, make decisions and take actions that are intuitively aligned? This training is for you! Click the image to learn more and register.

Remove Your Psychic Reading Blocks

Ever try to use your psychic abilities and the information was vague or out of reach? You're psychic and I'll prove it! Don't go another day thinking you’re not capable of giving profound, accurate psychic readings for yourself or others! Click the image to learn more and register.

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Video Quiz: What Kind of Psychic are you?

In this test, I'll be asking ten questions. All are be designed to determine what kind of psychic you are. We're going to be recalling special memories and I want you to really immerse yourself back into that experience.

"Pick a Card" Reading

Tana gives you a sneak peak of her Future Predictions Oracle Deck.

When will it happen? This psychic pick a card reading will make exact predictions using Tana’s own “Future Predictions Oracle Deck”.

Like with a tarot reading, this psychic pick a card reading and her deck focuses on future predictions so you can ask, ‘What is my future?’ ‘Should I give up?’ ‘Should I keep going?’ ‘When will I have success?’ ‘What’s next?’ It will also share romance advice, love advice, relationship advice, love predictions, career advice, future advice, money predictions, career predictions and so much more.

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