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business, or personal development event.

spiritual events

Tana has been teaching intuition seminars at in person events small and large for nearly two decades.

She trains both beginners to psychic development and professional psychic readers. She provides a fun and safe environment to explore our innate gifts as intuitive and empathic beings. She can teach even someone brand-new how to receive accurate and powerful information, either by delivering a lecture or facilitating a interactive, group training.

She can also entertain a crowd, as they kick back and let Tana do all of the intuitive work. Tana can host 2-3 Hour psychic performances for small or large groups. Small groups can expect a short reading from Tana. With larger groups, Tana channels some collective messages and then serves a few participants from the crowd.

Intuition is exciting! And Tana makes it fun.

For large events, Tana can provide three different types of Keynote presentations.

  • Intuitive / Inspirational Lecture Presentations

  • Psychic Development Training Presentations

  • Psychic Performance

She also contributes greatly to smaller, more intimate gatherings like retreats. Here she is also passionate about providing attendees goddess photography photo shoots. You can see some of her work at her media company's photo gallery.

business events

Tana has built her psychic and coaching business from the ground up. Every step of the way she relied on resourcefulness and perseverance to achieve her success. On her quest to make a big impact in the world, she learned that big income was the equal energy exchange. 

In her successful business, she's mastered:

Working with clients, web/graphic design, product launching, self-publishing, email marketing, sales funnels, selling (serving), high-ticket coaching programs, and customer retention. 

For large or smaller events, Tana can provide three different types of Keynote presentations.

  • Motivational / Mindset Lecture Presentations

  • Tactical Business Training Presentations

  • Collaborative Breakout Facilitation

personal development events


Surviving a near-death experience at 21, and with 18 years clean and sober, Tana is grateful to be alive and doesn't take a single moment for granted


Through her trials, she learned her strengths, her blessings and her calling. She owes it all to a higher force, call it "destiny" that would one day have her impacting tens of thousands people around the globe. Now she is one hundred percent devoted to it.

Tana is an influencer, in the sense that through her work, she reaches in to change and heal the very cores of clients. Her story is touching but her passion, purpose, and determination to improve herself and change her life is moving.

For large or smaller events, Tana can provide three different types of Keynote presentations.

  • Inspirational / Motivational Lecture Presentations

  • Passion / Goal Setting Lecture Presentations

  • Sober Living Lecture Presentations

To inquire about event bookings, please

email my team at

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