An Online Course for Psychic Self-Discovery of the Four Psychic Channels.

The four Psychic Channels are Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance. Learn and hone how you psychically See, Hear, Feel and Know through four, once-a-week lessons.

This Course Features 4 Lessons Titled...


"Psychic Clear Seeing"


"Psychic Clear Feeling"


"Psychic Clear Knowing"


"Psychic Clear Hearing"

You ARE psychic. You can use your abilities. You can develop your skills. You can connect to Spirit on your own. You can give powerful psychic readings to yourself. You can deliver profound psychic readings to others.

So many people that I come across in the spiritual community want to know what their own abilities are and how they can use them. They want to know how to be psychic themselves and experience a spiritual connection all on their own. They are looking for a renewed sense of self and purpose. They want to be aligned with their highest expression. They want to BE psychic.

Many of these people have become my students and have found exactly what they’re looking for. They found where their abilities were presents and cultivated their abilities further, living the intuitive lifestyle they value so much.

When I meet my students for the first time, they are often on a quest for self discovery and spiritual enlightenment. They feel drawn to things like psychic readings, meditation, crystals, and so on. They want to dive deeper, and they want feel their life is guided by the divine. They want to know that their every decision is in alignment with their soul’s purpose.

I'm Tana Newberry.

I’ve been a professional Psychic Reader for over 15 years conducting over 10K sessions and am a renowned Psychic Development Teacher. I know you want to live your best intuitive life, feeling connected to Spirit and your own spiritual guidance system. I can help. I've held thousands find their way,  navigate and enjoy the psychic world. I want to help you do the same!

Knowing what kind of psychic you are and cultivating your psychic skills to a level of proficiency and self mastery, allows you to live a life inspired.

‘Wake up’ your own potential and enjoy it. Know what your psychic abilities are, how to use them and how to give yourself meaningful psychic readings and stay connected to your spirit guidance system. Clair class is perfect for you if you want to do just that.

If you’re new to giving psychic readings, intimidated by giving psychic readings to others it yet, or you want to step up your own personal spiritual practice, Clair Class is for you.

In Clair Class, you’ll be brought through four personal psychic development trainings in four psychic senses.


Most people need a little nudge and a little help stepping off of the psychic cliff. Whether it's your pre-conceived ideas about using psychic abilities or the encouragement to feel like you are in a safe space, taking the first step in your psychic journey during this course will be just what you need. Even if you've had some guidance, enjoying a deeper spiritual and psychic self-practice is exactly what this course delivers.

This is the place to start! Right here in this course, you'll have everything you need.

Each lesson includes two videos. One personal skill cultivation meditation and the other a workshop applying that skill.

Lesson One: ‘Clairvoyance’ Psychic Clear Seeing

Lesson Two: ‘Clairsentience’ Psychic Clear Feeling

Lesson Three: ‘Claircognizance’ Psychic Clear Knowing

Lesson Four: ‘Clairaudience’ Psychic Clear Hearing


Each lesson includes

-A Written Description and Instruction
-A Guided Psychic Skill, Personal Study Workshop Video


As a bonus you’ll receive Four Video Meditations, one for each lesson that you can use over and over before you practice your own Psychic Skill Workshop.



**Don't forget, if you don't love the class, there's a 30 day money back guarantee after course completion.***

So what are you waiting for?

Learn all of this from the comfort of your own home and for half the price that you would at an in-person class.

Still, benefit from a spiritual community at Tana’s Facebook page in her private group of students. They are you can interact, share and ask questions.

Also as a bonus, you’ll receive a FREE printable PDF Workbook to complete your homework in each week and to journal your experiences. Are you ready to resister? Click the course below and let's get started!

"Psychic Reading Shortcuts have changed my whole perspective of how best to connect with and serve my friends and family. People keep saying I should do this for a living! After learning these techniques, I volunteered at an event doing psychic readings and then... they offered me a regular gig! They said I was that good. I'm positive it was because of this course. Thanks Tana!"


"There is no doubt in my mind that my confidence level, when making a future prediction, far surpasses most professional psychic readers I've met. They should have taken Tana's course."


"I've been practicing psychic readings for a long time but never felt like I could answer mediumship questions. I've always really wished I could. This course was all it took to break through the 'mediumship fog'. Now, I find myself enjoying mediumship readings the best."


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