It's not a guarantee.

Can we talk about something for a minute? The thing you want, deep down in your heart and in your soul… It's not a guarantee. 


Nothing in this life is guaranteed. We make a plan before we get here of all the things we want to experience. The things we wanted have all the potential in the world, but when we get here, we have good ole’ free will. 


Even if you don't feel the most capable…

You are a fast learner. And we are all natural students. 


So what if I told you that what you wanted was possible, and that even though it wasn't a guarantee, you have all the potential you need within you? (You also have Spirit cheering you on… Rooting for you to make the right decisions and to take the right steps.) Are you using the beautiful life you've been given as an opportunity to see the potential and move into greatness? 


I have really good news for you. You are limitless. You are limitless in every situation based on...

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