'Sin', I have to address this

Hi Soul Family,

There has been something that has been bothering me a lot, and I feel a very strong need to address it officially to my community.  

I recently received the following email from a client that I had just performed a one-on-one Psychic Reading for...    


"...Hi Tana ...I hope that asking this particular question might pass as one that can help so many people... as it is a question not only for myself but for all those with whom I come in contact that carry a heavy cross of guilt and shame... I ask you kindly to hear me out...

Being raised (religious), the eternal effects of sin and shame are drilled into us from an early age. While, as an adult, I can "appreciate/understand" the use of guilt and shame as a disciplinary tool to help keep unruly children in line... the ripple effect it can play on one's psyche as one matures can disrupt the soul long into adulthood. The threat that if we "make a bad choice," or "do something wrong," or "sin," that we will go straight to hell is a very real thing in this faith tradition, and it's a hard cycle to break. When I was young, (I was told) that if we did something wrong, we would cause our loved ones in heaven to turn their faces away from us in shame; that doing wrong causes the angels to hang their heads and weep...

...believe me, as a child, there is nothing more heavy than the thought of grandma up in heaven being ashamed of you! So, I suppose my question is... is there any truth to this? Are our loved ones really ashamed or embarrassed of us if we make a "bad" choice? Do the angels ever do such a thing as weep when we do something "wrong?" Not only have I been plagued by these daunting thoughts all my life, but I know so many others who have as well. Perhaps I might be able to share with them some kind words that will help lift the heaviness of "sin" from their minds and hearts? Thank you ever so much for your consideration.


My jaw dropped. My heart ached for my client who asked these questions with such sincerity. It once again reminded me of why I wish everyone would learn to hear, see, feel and know Spirit.  

I undoubtedly have some strong thoughts about this, given my near-death experience 15 years ago. My psychic abilities have given me the answers to these questions... first hand!  

While I appreciate and respect all pathways to Spiritual lifestyles and heart-felt communities, including religious ones, here's why my heart hurts...  

Never once in the past 15 years have any loved ones on the other side, Angels or Spirit Guides ever held, in anyway, shame or embarrassment pertaining to any choices we have made. Even when we make human mistakes, our lessons and so-called 'shortcomings' are respected. Earth is not easy!  

Our loved ones in Spirit, the Angels and everyone on the other side who cares for us, pulls for us. They NEVER give up on us, will continuously help us (without reservation), and appreciate the difficulties in our lives. No matter what... they remain proud of us.  

Let me be clear... I have never felt an Angel weep out of disappointment and I have never felt a loved one turn their face away in shame. NEVER! Even with some really rough stuff in question. Really.  

I disagree that there is anything that separates us from Spirit's love.  Also...


Spoiler alert! I don't think we leave one man behind.  

Possibly an unpopular opinion: There is a plan for every soul.   


I recommend you consider if any of these beliefs are in the way of you knowing your worth or Spirit's love.   

If you want to know what I'm talking about, I'm here to help.   

My advice? Learn and practice your psychic abilities. Spend your time on truly connecting with Spirit through your spiritual capabilities and know for yourself what others with these gifts know. You have the potential to know all off this without just taking my word for it.   

It is my deepest desire that you know this.  If I can help you in any way with this, please let me know.

Thanks for listening.  


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