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Uncategorized Dec 26, 2021

The time has come to cut the cords that bind you to all thought forms or beliefs that are keeping you small. Do not hesitate any longer. 

This. Needs. To. Happen. Now.

Look within. Where are you tethered to a toxic person, a toxic location or faulty ideas?

In truth, most beliefs are in fact limiting. 

Your focus should be on your intention instead, in order to create what you wish… Not the tethered thing keeping you down.

Everything you need to navigate the tides of your life is within you. Think about this as a fact… Within you is the wisdom of the entire universe. Your atoms and your cells hold within them the entire matrix of this reality, and how to wield it at will. 


Cutting the cords (the nasty ones especially) is not only appropriate at times of suffering, but also at times of great desire to be better. Reframe the way you think about letting go. Letting go to what no longer serves you is not just a way to SAVE you, but also to GROW you.


Let go of being mediocre. You are not meant to just be ‘okay’. We are here to achieve our greatness. Answer this… How much does it hurt you to hang on to anything that keeps you just okay?


What we allow is a choice. The time has come to choose more wisely. They say, “When you know better, you do better.” To do better, step outside of the concerns in your everyday life and into stillness. Find your peace. Find your inner voice.

Go deeper into the places where the noise stops and there is only clarity, and simplicity. Remember, Spirit speaks in a whisper, not a shout. 

Do not let any reasons from before, get the better of you. Stop the world and enter into the quiet… You'll know what to do. 

Freedom is on the horizon and will be sweeter than you ever thought. Your journey to drop your limitations will create lightness and ease. You want this! You deserve this! This is meant for you!

Your process of going inward to find your guidance all creates your intimate relationship with Spirit. How will you engage with it? 

Right now, imagine relaxing, curling up in the hands of the Divine. How does that make you feel? Can you then turn your needs and desires to that divine power and trust that you're safe and secure? 

Grace is being activated in your life right now. Think about where you are. Think about where you wanted to go. If hindsight is 20/20, use it! Can you right now comprehend your own strength?

It is written in the sky that you have a destiny. You're being invited to explore certain aspects of life unique to you, and you alone. Whatever you are faced with, every single aspect of your life is perfect in its imperfections. 

See your life as a series of opportunities rather than an obstacle course. Right now you're facing a critical moment in time, with an opportunity to meet your fate. A choice that will point you to the places in life where you can expand and influence the world. 

Now is the moment to lean into it. Whether a heartfelt connection, a call to creativity, or a new identity in some area of your life, leap in with all your heart and soul. 

You'll always have options… Choices with their own consequences. And it’s true, what is now laid before you requires that you do choose. 

As you set out on your adventure, you are faced with a vast number of options. While it sometimes seems an extraordinary thing, too many choices can throw you off balance. You might be worried that once you commit to your adventure, you won't be able to turn back. Sometimes no amount of over analyzing or strategizing will help you make the right choice. It is a risk. Don’t fret, love… It’s supposed to be.

Even though the consequences are truly unknown, that in essence is what an adventure is. To expect otherwise would go against the very nature of itself. Remember your intentions. 


Whether you're seeking confirmation of something you already know, or attempting to shed light on what has eluded you… Imagine that all you seek is not at the landing point of your destination, but more about who you become in the process. 

There are times when you're meant to discover and explore new terrain in your life, even to be part of a great wave of change. This is one of those times for you. What you've been contemplating is perhaps new to you, but others have laid well worn paths and left wisdom for you to rely on to reflect upon. Because of this, you'll have a better understanding of the potentials and possible pitfalls in your journey.

Allow yourself to fully experience what is being offered to you. A forged key to unlock a door. 

Seek a mentor or good advice from an expert or elder. That way, you'll be able to meet this life opportunity and challenges well informed with this key, the door will open. 

Where others before you have led the way, you will now discover the treasure they left behind for you to make your own. Even still, going higher, building farther and accomplishing more and more than was ever accomplished before.

The path they've paved before you… To find it, you must find your balance. Just as a dancer moves gracefully into each pose, you too must navigate your own inner compass. 

There are so many paths that you could take, how will you know which one is the one for you? The place in between push and pull, then natural rhythm and natural flow. This is where your true north lies. 

You will be surprised how quickly the light shows you the way when you hold true to your balance. 

Do not force. Do not resist. Be still and let the winds of change sweep you up. 

You are part of the Divine matrix of this earth. That is why there is a path for you. You are connected to the All. You might have been thinking and acting like you're the only one in this dream, creating your life. You’re NOT the only one creating your life ;)

Imagine the divine matrix is serving you and others continuously. We as individuals are part of the collective consciousness of the Divine. Your dreams and desires are heard. Did they start with the collective? Or did they begin within you? Rather than answering that question, think of it as an ever fulfilling circle. 

The serendipitous events that work in your favor are the birthright of the Divine matrix itself. The beautiful things for you are also in the highest good of the All. 

Find your balance. Find your way. Achieve what is yours to achieve. Discover what is yours to discover. The collective wants you to do so as well. (And blows you a kiss*)

xo T



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