It's not a guarantee.

Can we talk about something for a minute? The thing you want, deep down in your heart and in your soul… It's not a guarantee. 


Nothing in this life is guaranteed. We make a plan before we get here of all the things we want to experience. The things we wanted have all the potential in the world, but when we get here, we have good ole’ free will. 


Even if you don't feel the most capable…

You are a fast learner. And we are all natural students. 


So what if I told you that what you wanted was possible, and that even though it wasn't a guarantee, you have all the potential you need within you? (You also have Spirit cheering you on… Rooting for you to make the right decisions and to take the right steps.) Are you using the beautiful life you've been given as an opportunity to see the potential and move into greatness? 


I have really good news for you. You are limitless. You are limitless in every situation based on your perspective, the meaning that you give to it and if you decide to enjoy it. The potential never stops.


Potential by definition means that it is possible and likely, if an amount of effort to attain the desired outcome is met. The ball is forever in our courts, which shouldn't scare us. It should inspire us. 


So I want to ask you… Are you going to show up for this? One of the best ways to harness great potential is to allow yourself to feel the enthusiasm and the excitement as if the positive result has already occurred. Align with it deep down in your soul. Let it call to you the outcome you desire. 


So if anything is possible, what's your plan? 


Sometimes when you desire something but you haven’t identified the path to it’s manifestation, it can be frustrating. If you're still wondering what to do next, remember this… Sometimes stepping stones are meant to be taken in order. Things occurring in order to help the right things to be manifested in the first place. You wouldn't want to read a book, start at the beginning, skip all the good stuff in the middle just to read the ending, it just doesn't hit the same way. There are necessary moments in the middle of your journey. And it's time to start looking forward to them as if they are some of the most important parts of any manifestation. 


It's not about having the reward at the end of the journey. We like to think that that is the moment of magic. But truly, the moments of magic are when you become the person you're becoming in the process.

Think of your goal as little goals, stepping stones, building blocks, the foundation that needs to be laid, so that you can build a top of it. Work on the parts of the problem that are in front of you. 


This part of your journey is sacred. Once you find the value in it, you will realize that change has been happening all along. 


Sometimes we think of change as the moment that one thing tips over and becomes another. But looking at it closer, it happens second, by second. Change can be difficult, which is why a lot of people don't feel very comfortable when thinking about change. However, to grow and to expand, we must leave the comfortable and seek into the unknown. 


I promise you, Spirit has a plan for you. 


If you've been praying for breakthroughs in your personal life, your professional life, your romantic life… Just remember, big things happen one step at a time. Change happens one moment and one decision at a time. Spirit knows that within any change, your soul will rise as a champion because you grow through it. So, try to see change as the catalyst for beautiful things to occur and harness the power of it. Have faith that the changes you make are good for your soul. And through this, your soul becomes closer and closer to the life you were designed to live. 


And if you had absolutely any doubt about it, you are so deserving. You as much as anyone else deserve good things, supportive people, and desired outcomes in your life. Now is the time to see yourself through the eyes of those who love and admire you. You are not only beautiful but you are infinitely capable. Selling yourself short doesn't do you or anyone else any good.


Spirit wants you to stand in your power because from there, you can help and heal not only yourself, but the whole world. 


Don't be afraid to aspire for something great. Be willing to make big moves. Have the courage to start something hard. You are not mediocre. If you want to see yourself on stage, see yourself on stage. If you want to see yourself making a difference, see yourself making a difference. If you want to see yourself financially abundant, see yourself as financially abundant.


… Save Lives. climb mountains. Be honest. You're capable of everything you put your heart and mind to.


And you are worthy. You are so deserving. It's time to be brave.


xo T


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