Yes. Yes. Yes. YES!

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2022

What if the answer to what you wanted was YES? 


Yes to what you desire. Yes to the approach you've decided to take. Yes, the time is now? Yes about the people you're inquiring about. And yes, your intuition has brought you here. Yes, the time has come to act. 


If you were to ask why, the answer would be that you are ready. 


All of your past experiences have led you to this very moment and this version of yourself. Your past successes, your past failures, all the things you've accomplished, and all of the things you have yet to still achieve… They have led you to this very unique moment in time, with all of the elements, right for your desire, through everything you have encountered. 


You have studied and grown spiritually in so many ways. It's time to move forward and embrace not only who you are, but what you're capable of. The world anxiously awaits the contributions that your heart and your purpose will provide. 


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Ok, let’s talk about really doing the work…

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2021

The time has come to cut the cords that bind you to all thought forms or beliefs that are keeping you small. Do not hesitate any longer. 

This. Needs. To. Happen. Now.

Look within. Where are you tethered to a toxic person, a toxic location or faulty ideas?

In truth, most beliefs are in fact limiting. 

Your focus should be on your intention instead, in order to create what you wish… Not the tethered thing keeping you down.

Everything you need to navigate the tides of your life is within you. Think about this as a fact… Within you is the wisdom of the entire universe. Your atoms and your cells hold within them the entire matrix of this reality, and how to wield it at will. 


Cutting the cords (the nasty ones especially) is not only appropriate at times of suffering, but also at times of great desire to be better. Reframe the way you think about letting go. Letting go to what no longer serves you is not just a way to SAVE you, but also to GROW you.


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It's not a guarantee.

Can we talk about something for a minute? The thing you want, deep down in your heart and in your soul… It's not a guarantee. 


Nothing in this life is guaranteed. We make a plan before we get here of all the things we want to experience. The things we wanted have all the potential in the world, but when we get here, we have good ole’ free will. 


Even if you don't feel the most capable…

You are a fast learner. And we are all natural students. 


So what if I told you that what you wanted was possible, and that even though it wasn't a guarantee, you have all the potential you need within you? (You also have Spirit cheering you on… Rooting for you to make the right decisions and to take the right steps.) Are you using the beautiful life you've been given as an opportunity to see the potential and move into greatness? 


I have really good news for you. You are limitless. You are limitless in every situation based on...

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Uncategorized Aug 30, 2020
I returned home a couple of days ago from an amazing retreat experience where I got to hold great space, lead and provide loving awareness when guided.
The women I spent this time with are incredibly gorgeous inside and out. Through each of their challenges, they displayed faith, hope, trust and vulnerability.
I watched them unfold. I watched them shed their skin. I watched them be willing to be seen. I watched them surrender.
I watched everyone of them resolve to grow more in the light and then their power.
I loved them so dearly.
Now that I’m back on the grid and back to every day life, I’m committed to making the necessary changes that I need to be more aligned, show up more fully and be good to myself and my process.
I admire anyone who takes the plunge and dedicates themselves to the cycle of growth. Kudos to all of you who do.
“I release control and surrender to the flow of love that will heal me.” -Alexa Sunshine Rose
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4 Compelling Reasons to Get a Psychic Reading

Hello Soul Family!

It's Tana here.  xoxo

If you're looking for insight or guidance into the way your life is unfolding, you can easily find answers: you just need a psychic reading. When you're feeling lost or adrift in life, a psychic reading can provide clarity and direction.

Contrary to what many believe, psychic readings aren't just a way to predict the future, but they can help you cope with life's many curveballs.

Whether you're at a crossroads in life or need an outsider's perspective, a psychic reading can bring exactly what you seek.

If you're on the fence, here are five compelling reasons to schedule a psychic reading.


1. You May Get Nudged in the Right Direction

A reading can be helpful when you're feeling stuck or confused. Even after turning to friends and family for advice, you may still be conflicted. It pays to think outside the box in situations like this. In a psychic reading, you'll gain a new perspective on your current troubles. You may be...

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'Sin', I have to address this

Hi Soul Family,

There has been something that has been bothering me a lot, and I feel a very strong need to address it officially to my community.  

I recently received the following email from a client that I had just performed a one-on-one Psychic Reading for...    


"...Hi Tana ...I hope that asking this particular question might pass as one that can help so many people... as it is a question not only for myself but for all those with whom I come in contact that carry a heavy cross of guilt and shame... I ask you kindly to hear me out...

Being raised (religious), the eternal effects of sin and shame are drilled into us from an early age. While, as an adult, I can "appreciate/understand" the use of guilt and shame as a disciplinary tool to help keep unruly children in line... the ripple effect it can play on one's psyche as one matures can disrupt the soul long into adulthood. The threat that if we "make a bad choice," or "do something wrong," or "sin,"...

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5 Reasons Why Anyone Would Want to 'Be Psychic'

Hi Soul Family!

I help people like you have 'Ah ha moments' when realizing just how psychic they are. Everyone is!  

Today, I will be sharing with you five reasons why learning your psychic potential can help you live a more fulfilling life, offering you spiritual guidance for yourself and those you love.  

More importantly, today I will be helping you to make a solid decision of whether you want to reach this potential or spend your time on other stuff :)  

The thing is, although everyone IS psychic, 'being psychic' is not easy. It takes breaking down the blocks and practice, practice, practice. That’s the truth! 

I know of so many people who were only slightly interested in is their spiritual abilities and wanted to enjoy a direct line of communication with Spirit.... but they never got anywhere because they did not bother putting in enough effort and gave up along the way.  


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All my favorite Psychic Readings in one place...

Hey Soul Family!

I wanted to share some amazing resources to help you to live your best 'spiritual' life - as they say!   

'Psychic Readings for the Soul' are my own, personal love letters to you in the form of heartfelt psychic readings in beautiful locations such as cliffside and at the waterfront. 

Here are some of my favorite 'Psychic Readings for the Soul' I've done for you. There's a little bit of something for many kinds of encouragement you may need. 

I know you will find these videos useful if you're looking for some inspiration or comfort...    



Be Brave Enough to Suck at Something New  

Go All In  

Shame, Pain and Self-Defeat  

Healing From Shame  

Ask For Help  

Feel the Fear, Do It Anyway        


While we're on the video subject... if you only could consume series of videos from me may I suggest my free mini-course, "Remove...

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The #1 Toxic Myth About Your Psychic Abilities

Hello Soul Family!

It's Tana here.  xoxo

Today, we'll cover the '#1 Toxic Myth About Your Psychic Abilities' that all beginners MUST break away from in order to achieve a meaningful, direct connection with Spirit.  

Getting your mindset right is the #1 thing you have to conquer if you want to succeed in being able to use your abilities and even give readings with them.  

As the popular saying goes, "You are your worst enemy and best asset" ;)  

From teaching thousands of students from all walks of life, I can tell you that the best and most successful students are those with the right mindset and attitude, who aren't plagued by incorrect beliefs that, 'They just aren't psychic."  

It's myth busters time, my friend! Time to align your mindset and make things right :)    


The #1 Myth: You have to be born Psychic.        

Is this true? Well, even if it were......

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