Let Tana capture your aura in a stunning digital portrait and psychically read to you what it means!

Everyone has a specific energy that follows them wherever they go. It also infuses their surroundings, affecting whoever they come in contact with. If you've ever complimented someone by saying that they "light up a room," it's probably because their aura felt lovely to be around. Many people call this energy your "aura," and the nature of your aura reveals itself through a cloud of colors hovering around you. What your aura color means says a lot about the energy you are carrying with you.




 - One High Resolution Aura Portrait .jpg

- A 16 page Aura Portrait Reading Booklet with more information about how to read your photo.

- A 10-15 minute Aura Portrait Reading by way of Audio Recording (sent by email) within one week after making your order.



After purchase please email your photo with shoulder and head room to [email protected]



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