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Tana Newberry has been a professional Psychic Reader for over thirteen years conducting over 10,000 sessions and is also a seasoned Psychic Development Teacher. She has been heard on over 500 radio shows since 2005. Tana's following of clients and students love her for her vibrant, warm, and passionate energy. 

Surviving a near death experience in 2002, in that moment she realized the ability to channel, saving her life and ultimately changing it forever. Upon returning to her body, she became instantly psychic. Soon after, she became passionate about sharing her psychic gifts. All the while, memories of Extraterrestrial Contact and visitations started to surface. 


In her work today, Tana offers Psychic ET Experiencer Readings around other modalities. She teaches a multitude of Psychic Development classes helping Contactees, Experiencers and Spiritual Seekers to identify and cultivate their Psi abilities. Her trainings explore telepathic communication and automatic writing among other channeling methods. You can learn more about Psychic Readings and Psychic Trainings at


Tana is the author of 'Not Every Psychic is a Contactee... but Every Contactee is Psychic: Psychic Skills and the ET Experiencer’.

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Elaina K

Intuitive Reader at

"For so long, I have been waiting for a Spiritual Mentor to enter my life and guide me on my own path.  During our in depth one-one sessions, Tana gave me the strength to look at my personal fears. Tana is very experienced and always nurtures her clients. Working with Tana has been the best. I can now say I no longer dream my dreams, but live out the reality of my deepest passions. Thank you Tana!”

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Miesha Johnston

Galactic Channel at

The ET Experiencer Oracle Deck has been a great companion with my Galactic Chart, when I am dowsing and doing my Galactic Chart Family of Origin Readings. I've been using this deck in my support groups to do readings for everyone. It has been extremely accurate in how the layouts give people answers to their questions.

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Nick Gallardo

Energy Healer at

I have participated in a large number of Tana's Psychic Development Classes and many of the skills I've learned, I use to connect every day. I was certified by her in all levels of Reiki and now am focusing on my journey as a healer. Her work brings people together and allows us to enjoy the safe space where our intuitive understanding, abilities and experiences get to take place.

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Carol Mayer

Store Owner at

Tana has been teaching at my store for over eight years. She is by far one of the most popular teachers our store has seen. She just has this ability to create highly valued and rewarding experiences for those who want to connect psychically through intuitive readings or meditation, Her readings are also wonderful, we are thrilled to carry her deck and we love the UFO Tours she facilitates! We love her very much.

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