Ever try to use your psychic abilities and the information was vague or out of reach? You’re Psychic and I’ll prove it! Don’t let another day go by thinking you’re not capable of giving profound, accurate psychic readings for yourself or others!

What if I told you that not only everyone is psychic, but everyone could learn and practice the skill of being a profound psychic reader? The First step is to "Remove Your Psychic Reading Blocks."

Even though everybody is psychic, not everybody is a great psychic reader. Not only can you 'get out of your own way' but you can be a great psychic reader! Not only will this FREE psychic training during your 6 day video mini-course teach you how to open up, but it will help you finally push past the fears and mindset that leave you questioning your natural abilities. And everybody has them, so it works! Don't look up to skillful psychic readers and think you're any different. You're not! You just need the tools and experiences, like the ones provided this course, to help you unlock your real potential. Don't waste your gift!


Everybody starts somewhere, but "Psychic Abilities Can Be Taught!"

"Remove Your Psychic Reading Blocks" will be a game-changer for your psychic skill set.


The things that make the biggest difference are exactly what is taught in this training! Here's what you get in your 6 day video training series.

  • Lesson One: "Go All In" is all about how you show up and how you decide to participate in the process.
  • Lesson Two: "Real vs. the Imagination" gives clarity and understanding, helping you to know what information has validity.
  • Lesson Three: "Suspend Disbelief" teaches you to criticize yourself and the psychic process AFTER the information comes.
  • Lesson Four: "Signs" helps you to consider this divination process in a new way, helping to have access to guidance at any time.
  • Lesson Five: "Seeking of Validation" and receiving validation is not always what it seems. Just because you don't KNOW you're right doesn't mean you're not.
  • Lesson Six: "Use Psychic Reading Shortcuts" suggests using simple methods and mental templates to receive more information than the 'low hanging fruit.'

So glad you're here! See what Tana's students are saying about her online courses...


"Psychic Reading Shortcuts have changed my whole perspective of how best to connect with and serve my friends and family. People keep saying I should do this for a living! After learning these techniques, I volunteered at an event doing psychic readings and then... they offered me a regular gig! They said I was that good. I'm positive it was because of this course. Thanks Tana!"


"There is no doubt in my mind that my confidence level, when making a future prediction, far surpasses most professional psychic readers I've met. They should have taken Tana's course."


"I've been practicing psychic readings for a long time but never felt like I could answer mediumship questions. I've always really wished I could. This course was all it took to break through the 'mediumship fog'. Now, I find myself enjoying mediumship readings the best."


Try This:

I want you to imagine that you're about to perform a psychic reading and you're feeling confident.

You are ready to go and when they ask their first question, you receive answers with ease without actually straining or doubting. The best part, is that they resonate!

Not only is the reading awesome but they can't wait to do it again next time they need advice or guidance.


Then, you can help and and share with others. Whether you aspire to be a psychic reader or you just want to bask in Spirit's love, this course is for you. It's FREE right now, so sign up and enjoy!

Receive Your 6 Day FREE Mini Course Starting Today!

Want to give Psychic Readings like a Pro? I promise, this Mini Course is a GAME CHANGER! Remove the blocks that hold you back from using and enjoying your own profound Psychic Abilities.

"Tana Newberry has been a professional Psychic Reader for over fifteen years conducting over 10,000 sessions and is also a renowned Psychic Development Teacher. Her following of clients and students love her for her vibrant, warm, and passionate energy. You can find a free Psychic trainings and online courses for psychic development at her website www.TanaNewberry.com."

Tana Newberry
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