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I'm Tana Newberry. I've taught psychic development for over 15 years and conducted over 10,000 psychic reading sessions. Come learn and grow with me!

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"For so long, I have been waiting for a Spiritual Mentor to enter my life and guide me on my own path. During our in depth one-one sessions, Tana gave me the strength to look at my personal fears. Tana is very experienced and always nurtures her clients. Working with Tana has been the best. I can now say I no longer dream my dreams, but live out the reality of my deepest passions. Thank you Tana!"

Elaina K

"It was such a wonderful experience and I loved that I was given a good vibe and reading. All may questions were answered especially about Ashari and my husband. I am keeping an open mind and trying hard everday to keeping the positive energy flowing. I'm so happy to be a part of this wonderful group of ladies. Im very happy I met you and trusted you! I know I'll have more question for you in the future with another booking. I'm going to keep my mind and heart open! Thank you Tana ❤"

Deborah W.
Psychic Reading Client

"The GypsyGirl Sisterhood hired Tana to teach several Psychic Development workshops at our launch retreat. Tens of thousands dollars were invested in this 3 day event with numerous teachers of metaphysics healing modalities teaching or attending. We had pressure to deliver an outstanding event and Tana did so many things to assist us in accomplishing success. Tana’s workshops were the biggest hits of the entire retreat. She delivered so much value, from the first point of contact, all the way through to the follow up after the retreat. Tana was extremely responsive with us for all aspects of planning her workshops and incredibly flexible. Her work ethic exceeded her scope of hire. Our attendees loved her. She connected with the group and effortlessly lead us everyone to have accurate psychic predictions. She teaches on a level that reaches everyone, no matter their depth of practice in psychic training. Tana is now our number one teacher for retreat events."


"I have connected with Tana for several psychic readings. Her readings were always truthful and she used the utmost compassion and support in delivering difficult predictions. I think the most impactful gift Tana has assisted me with, was providing clarity to see my true heart’s desires. She didn’t enable or do the work for me. There was no spiritually bypassing in my experience with her. There were some really difficult sessions. Through it all, she supported me with such love and compassion, in an extremely difficult time. These sessions guided me in finding my wings again and flying higher than ever. Tana is one of the most loving and profound people I know. To me, she is an Earth Angel to so many souls on this physical plane. Her unconditional love is infectious. She influences with pure love, empowering and blessing everyone around her. "

Melissa Nelson
Psychic Reading Client & Student

"I have participated in a large number of Tana's Psychic Development Classes and many of the skills I've learned, I use to connect every day. I am now focusing on my journey as an Energy Reader and Healer. Her work brings people together and allows us to enjoy the safe space where our intuitive understanding, abilities and experiences get to thrive."

Nick Gallardo

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